CBT for Depression

CBT for Depression

A number of generic elements are used in the CBT treatment for depression:
1. Behavioural activation
– engage in activities that provide pleasure &/or mastery
2. Look at the issue from an inter-personal or social point of view
– the depression has “somehow become functional in their system” [social interactions reinforce their depression or is somehow working for them]
3. Cognitive Therapy itself
– looking at unhelpful thinking styles (which have developed in the depressed person over the years)
– look at ways they are thinking & then try new ways of looking at things & see how that affects their mood
4. Assertiveness:
– skills to express your rights, your wishes, your goals etc.,
[if people lack in this skill, the risk of depression increases]

Source: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Usnlzh8Bneg


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