The brain from top to bottom – When Fear takes control

Mark Taylor Psychology

The brain from top to bottom – When Fear takes control
At a psychological level, what is going on?

– fear: an intense emotion experienced in the presence of real, immediate threat
– anxiety: a vague, unpleasant emotion that reflects some apprehension, distress & diffuse fears about no one thing in particular
– too much fear & feeling unable to process it
– too little information so that you feel helpless
– can also result from imagining situations that do not exist – this form of anxiety has a cortical explanation & can be relieved by medications such as benzodiazepines which potentiate the effect of GABA, the main neuro inhibitor in the brain’s cortex
– anxiety when temporary is beneficial
– anxiety which stops us acting cam become chronic & lead to the development of anxiety-related disorders, & can disturb memory, attentiveness, & problem-solving

– Fight: Adopt defensive and aggressive…

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