Mindfulness – Daily activity two (For adults)

Mindfulness – Daily activity two (For adults)

– Listening attentively is a great way of being present and alive to the moment as it unfolds
– It can also help us in our relationships with other people

– To do this exercise you and your partner take turns speaking and listening
– the Person who’s doing the listening asks their partner: what makes you happy?
– the Listener
1. Pays attention to what their partner is saying
2. Notices how the mind wanders
3. Notices the urges to do the “socially nice” and appropriate things to say such as saying: yes, I see; as well as urges to nod & make particular facial expressions
– let These things come into your mind and let them be
– Keep paying attention to what is being said
– The object of this meditation is what is being said rather than the breath or the body
– Bring attention back constantly to what is being said
– Continue for three minutes and then swap roles
– Debrief about your experiences at the end

– Extend this practice into paying attention fully to other people in your daily life

Source: Smiling mind app @ http://smilingmind.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/SmilingMind_Adults_DailyAct2.pdf


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