Mindfulness – everyday practices – Managing thoughts (Seven minutes)

Managing thoughts (Seven minutes)
[Supports you to build your mindfulness skills; Spend more time living in the present moment without judgement]

– we will begin by listening to the sounds you hear about you
– get Into a comfortable position either in a chair or On a cushion on the floor
– allow your back to become straight but not rigid
– Ensure you can breathe easily and freely
– Close your eyes if you feel comfortable with it or allow your gaze to rest and focusmon a spot in front of you
– Take three long, deep breaths
– Let go of any expectations you may have about this exercise
– Simply allow yourself to experience it
– Bring your full awareness to the exercise
– practice being fully present and fully awake
– Now become aware of the fact that you are breathing
– Notice the breath move in and out of your body
– Notice the gentle movement of the body with your breath
– Choose a spot in your body where you feel your breath most easily and rest your attention there
– Maybe on your belly or chest or perhaps at your nostrils
– once you have picked a place, Keep your attention there for the length of the practice rather than letting your attention wander around to different places in your body
– If your mind wanders off into thoughts, worries, plans or daydreaming, remember that this is completely normal
– just bring your attention back to the feeling of breath coming into and leaving
– You are going to count your breaths up to 10, counting one as you breathe in, two as you breathe out & so on until you get to 10
– Once you get to 10, you can start again at one
– Start counting on the next in- breath
– Remember If your mind wanders off into thoughts, worries, plans or daydreaming, remember that this is completely normal – just bring your mind back & continue counting
– don’t worry if you have Lost count – just start again at one
– Now leave the counting & take a moment to notice the whole soundscape around you
– Listen to the sounds that are far away from you, outside of the room
– When your mind wonders just bring your attention back gently to exploring the
– Bring open curiosity to your exploring – allowing you to notice things you haven’t noticed before
– There is no need to rest for too long on anyone sound
– let go of any inclination you may have to judge a sound pleasant or unpleasant
– Simply notice the sound and move to the next sound without judgement
– Now listen to the sounds that are closer to you
– Can you hear where one sound ends and the other begins?
– Can you notice the space between sounds?
– What is the closest sound that you can hear?
– Can you hear yourself breathing?
– Bring your attention back to the breath
– Experiment with holding both your breath and the sounds around you in your awareness – it is a broad, inclusive awareness of both breath and sound
– by bringing this kind of broad inclusive Awareness into our Meditation practice, and our daily life, we can respond with a clearer and more accurate perspective and therefore live for the moment with greater clarity, calm and connection
– I’m going to ring a bell to signal the end of the exercise – try to keep your eyes closed until you can’t hear the ringing anymore and then end, going away with a smile on your mind


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