Mindfulness v’s Mindlessness [Beyond Blue]

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Mindfulness v’s Mindlessness [Beyond Blue]

– broad-term for bringing our attention to the present moment
– being open to our thoughts in a kind non-judgmental way
– can be developed in two ways:
– meditation practices
– aligning our thoughts with our behaviours in every day life (full attention to a person when in conversation) or observing the experience of doing things (noticing making a cup if tea, washing your hair, chewing a sultana, chopping carrots
– both result in greater calmness, clarity & connection

The opposite is “Mindlessness” or “Autopilot”
– like taking the backseat & letting your thoughts & emotions drive the car
– in this mode we are:
– reacting
– repeating patterns & old habits
– letting our emotions control us

Mindfulness allows you to step out of the autopilot mode and go into the driver’s seat
– it is empowering
– facilitates choice of responses
– it creates space between us & our thoughts
– we can choose what we respond to
– we can choose what we let pass by like floating clouds gambolling across the sky

Don’t wait for the “right time” to begin mindfulness skills – instead start right now!

Tune in to your mind
– what is it doing right now?
– are you present or is it stormy with “mental chatter”
– reflect where you are & realise you are not at the mercy of your thoughts & emotions

Source: http://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=ltRzz3bnCos



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