Child’s Brain Development – Mind the Bump / Beyond Blue

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Child’s Brain Development – Mind the Bump / Beyond Blue

– Mindfulness for optimal child development
– Research is showing parents who use mindfulness skills increase the likelihood of raising children/adolescents who are emotionally resilient
– We all know what it feels like to be overwhelmed and confused
– we all Also know how reassuring it is when we are able to respond with calm flexibility
– when we do this, we are using our frontal lobes
– we also know that babies, children & adolescents do not have fully-developed frontal lobes & This part of the human brain is not hardwired until the human being is in their early 20s
– neuroscience: humans Have the ability to influence the development of each other’s brains
– mirror neurones
– when a baby is distressed & crying, similar reactions of fear & distress are aroused in the parent
– babies are Soothed and calmed by a carer who can connect with them emotionally, & respond to them wisely & calmly
– As parents we can often feel overwhelmed and unsure as a result of what is happening
– Learn to ride the strong waves of emotions through the use of mindfulness skills
– this helps calm us & ensures that sustained release of the stress hormone, cortisol, by the amygdala does not occur & not flood the frontal lobes thereby allowing planning & calm responding
– this helps babies develop their own emotional resilience



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