The book of life – Eastern Philosophy – Lao Tzu

Publication1ZFThe book of life – Eastern Philosophy – Lao Tzu

– guiding figure in Taoism
– not much is known about him – did he in actually exist? Or is he mythical, much like Homer & the Odyssey in the West?
– sacred text: Tao Te Ching like the western bible
– large number of Taoists or Daoists living in China & Taiwan
– followers practice meditation & chant scripture & worship Gods & Goddesses
– Daoists also make pilgrimages to the 5 sacred mountains in Eastern China to absorb spiritual energy, the temples of which were believed to be governed by immortals
– Daoism over time has merged with Buddhism & Confuscianism & oriental art has portrayed all 3 as being one
– the vinegar tasters:
– Confuscious – sour – he found the world to be full of degenerate people
– Buddha – bitter – the world was full of suffering
– Lao Tzu – looks at the discord & sees an underlying harmony called the Dao

Tao Te Ching contains rules to live by to lead a good life:
– the “Dao” or way of the world – the path to virtue, happiness & harmony
– “this way” according to Lao Tzu is apparently not confusing or difficult
– but people like to resist & take byways from the simple path that makes us most content
– to follow the Dao we need to go beyond reading & thinking, & learn Wu Wei (“Flowing” or “Effortless Action”) – That is a purposeful acceptance of the Tao.
– make more time for stillness – “To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders”
– “Nature does not hurry & yet everything is still achieved”
– grieving, growing wiser, developing a new relationship happen on their own schedule
– empty ourselves of frivolous thought
– “The usefulness of the pot comes from its emptiness” [metaphor re the mind] – this allows us to reconnect with the present & the experience & mystery of life now.
– be in touch with our real selves – rather than who we/others think we should be
– he believed Nature was truly useful for finding ourselves

Lao Tzu liked to compare different parts of Nature to different virtues:
– Water is like the Dao – benefits everything, does not compete & accumulates in lowly places that others reject
– strength of the mountains
– the resilience of the trees
– the cheerfulness of the flowers

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