The book of life – psychotherapy. 36. Melanie Klein (1882-1960)

Publication2ZFThe book of life – psychotherapy. 36. Melanie Klein (1882-1960)

Freud – In our unconscious minds we are motivated by “the pleasure principle” (many of which can be shocking desires in their raw form) which must be over-ruled by our rational mind or ego – neuroses & inhibitions can develop beginning in childhood

Klein departed from Freud by analysing children (in particular, how they played with toys)
– she believed the mother was both a source of joy/pleasure & intense frustration/suffering to the infant (linked to being hungry & in pain; and then being fed & satisfied)
– she spoke & wrote about “depressive positions”, & how the child comes to realise that reality is complicated, but this allows them to tolerate ambivalence in relationships (that something is not all good & not all bad) & move away from a purely “functional” appreciation of another person.
– but others cannot tolerate complexity/ambivalence & adopt, & what she called, a “paranoid-schizoid position” where others are either idealised or are treated as scapegoats a basically seeking complete satisfaction

Source: Source: – Anger Diary | – Sleep Diary – relaxation diary | – positive diary – behavioural activation diary | – my CBT workbook – confidence boosters | – anger management guide


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