Parenting & disciplining children

Parenting & disciplining children

– It is vital to have positive interactions with your child to encourage good behaviour, Rather than focusing exclusively on negative behaviour
– Rules must be age-appropriate, meaningful & reasonable

Basic principles of effective parenting & discipline:
1. Notice, praise and encourage good behaviour, rather than focusing on negative behaviour
2. Establish fair rules which are:
– Clear
– Minimal
– Which involve the children
– Form agreements rather imposing rules
– Explain why the rules are important
3. Agree on consequences which are age-appropriate & logical
– use time-out (especially for fighting so as to allow children to calm down)
– Withdrawal of privileges
4. Be consistent in the application of consequences
5. Stay calm

Evidence: Research shows that physical punishment:
– may lead to children experiencing difficulty managing themselves/self-regulating; Does not in and of itself teach the child right or wrong; makes children afraid to disobey their parents when they are present, but More likely to disobey their parents when they are absent
– Increases risk of mental health issues in adulthood and using similar methods when a parent themselves
– Decreases the quality of the relationship with your child



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