What mindfulness can entail

MBCT involves
– teaching foundation skills of mindfulness (such as body scan, walking meditation, breath meditation, yoga, 3 minute breathing space* & mindful eating)
– reflecting upon direct experience (mindfully, self- compassionately, & non-judgmentally)

Note how the second is particularly useful & dovetails nicely with CBT where we learn to respond realistically & more effectively, decreasing reactivity to depressive thoughts, understanding personal warning signs/triggers, & developing a specific action plan [based on CBT & psychoeducational strategies]

Source: Source: Mercalf, C.A., & Dimidjian, S. (2014). Extensions & Mechanisms of MBCT: A review of the evidence. Australian Psychologust, 49, 271-279.

* http://franticworld.com/the-three-minute-breathing-space-meditation-is-now-free-to-download/


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