Common control strategies: FIGHT STRATEGIES | Mark Taylor | Canberra Psychologist

The key to control strategies is moderation – too much & you begin to notice personal distress & struggle ultimately making such strategies unhelpful & unsustainable. Bye for now, Matk

Mark Taylor Psychology

Mark Taylor | Canberra Psychologist | FIGHT STRATEGIES
– Suppression
– You forcefully push unwanted thoughts from your mind or you push your feelings deep down Inside
– Arguing
– You argue with your thoughts or you argue with reality saying “it shouldn’t be like this”
– Taking charge
– You try to take control of your thoughts and feelings so you may tell yourself “snap out of it”, “stay calm”, ‘cheer up” or you will replace negative thoughts with positive ones or you force yourself to be happy even when you’re not
– Self-bullying
– You try to bully yourself into feeling differently
– You call yourself names like “loser” or “idiot” or you criticise yourself & blame yourself – You tell yourself you can handle this & that you should know better than this
The problem with control:
– Fight & flight strategies are okay if used only…

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