Philosophy – Martin Heidegger [School of Life]

Philosophy – Martin Heidegger [School of Life]

Summary of video:
– He is the most incomprehensible German philosopher that ever lived
– His masterpiece work: “being and time”
– He talked about the meaning of life, The sickness of our time, And the path to freedom and fulfilment
– a rural provincial German for his life
– hated television, pop music, processed food
– at one point was a supporter of Hitler but saw the error of his ways
– he lived in the woods & diagnosed humanity as suffering from diseases of the soul:
1. We have forgotten to notice we are alive
– the mystery of being (the uncanny strangeness of everything – usually only noticed late at night, when sick & in bed; walking in Nature – he believed we were running away from “the nothing”
2. We have forgotten that all being is connected – most of the time our jobs & careers make us egoistic & focused; that things are there as means to our ends
– walks in Nature help this re-focusing
– so we notice once more the unity of being
[notice 1 & 2 to overcome our sense of alienation so as to be more charitable & generous to others & appreciate our brief period of being]
3. We forget we are free & live for ourselves
– much of our existence is not very free at all
– we are “thrown into the world” at the start of our lives – a particularly narrow social milieu of archaic prejudices & attitudes, & practical necessities not of our own making
– he called it “thrown-ness”
– we have to overcome our provincial psychological, social, professional thrown-ness so as to obtain a more universal perspective – this allows us to make the journey from inauthenticity to authenticity so that we can
– yet for Heidegger, most of us, most of the time fail dismally at this task
– we instead surrender to a socialised, superficial type of being called –
– “they-self” rather than “our self”
– i.e. we succumb to the chatter (the TV, the newspapers, the large cities – which incidentally Heidegger hated to spend time in)
– we can only pull away from they-self when we intensely focus on our death – & realise that other people cannot save ourselves from “the nothing” – only then can we stop living for them, giving them our time & energy, & trying to impress people who never really liked us in the first place
– to live better, he believed you should:
– strive to overcome your thrown-ness
– not listen to the chatter
– so that you can be authentic
– & spend more time in grave yards (so as to realise we are alive)



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