how to win friends & influence people

how to win friends & influence people – psychology with Damien Adler [NPW]
Broadcast on 774 ABC on 31 Oct 14
– best book on interactions with people
– first published in 1936
– written by Dale Carnegie – based on workshops he ran
– warren Buffet – 20th century’s mist successful investor – only he course he did was this workshop
– written in non-technical, conversational style; very succinct with examples

Handling people – 3 key points/tips
1 – don’t criticise, condemn or complain when wanting to work with people – be genuinely interested in other people
2 – honest & sincere appreciation of people (focus on what they are doing well) – show an interest in their interests
3 – arouse in the person what you want them to be – I.e. motivate person to see the benefit/to desire working toward that goal



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