there is nothing quite as serious as hope

Art – the Philosopher’s mail – Henri Matisse

Summary of article:
– practitioner of what the article describes as happy, sweet art
– contention that most of the time humans are concerned with gloom
– cheerfulness is an achievement & hope is something to celebrate
– optimism is important because outcomes are often determined by how much of it we bring to a task & is often a key to success
– talent & hope re both important to achievement
– Matisse the person knew about tragedy & suffering which made him all the more live to its opposites – optimism & hope
– he came from a prosperous family & was supposed to become a lawyer which he did, but did not like.
– When finally allowed to pursue his passion & paint, Matisse had to promise his father he would paint conservatively
– to paint the pictures he did, he had to confront his father, lose all financial support from him & be ostracised by peers & mentors
– just as he was becoming successful, WW1 was declared
– later he was diagnosed with duodenal cancer
– he had protracted(&costly legal battles) with his estranged wife
– he became an invalid, & mostly bed-ridden later in life
– artist reminds us there is nothing quite as serious as hope

Source for article & to see his art -


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