art shows us that suffering, grief &sadness are part of the human condition

Art – the Philosopher’s mail

– art shows us that suffering, grief &sadness are part of the human condition
– about 18th century German painter Caspar David Friedrich
– emotionally impoverished childhood, filled with trauma, & later financially impoverished adolescent & adult
– he painted landscapes that were not in fashion – cold, damp places, flooded scenes, & pale pre-dawn scenes
– he discovered landscape could convey many of the same human messages about pain, love, suffering & redemption
– he painted figures who were alone, away from the chatter of civilisation
– his paintings evoke feelings that solitude places humans in contact with their deepest possibilities
– he also believed the harshness of Nature could place the sorrows of the human condition into a new perspective, taking us “out of ourselves” beyond the envy, social wound or disappointment that is troubling us thereby allowing everyday irritations & worries to be neutralised
– he painted scenes that provide access to a state of mind in which we are acutely conscious of the largeness of time & space, & our relatively small place in the greater scheme of things
– nonetheless he produced art that better equips us to deal with life’s vicissitudes because it reframes & expresses the saddest parts of our human experience
– he died in his mid 60s in 1840 largely unsuccessful & forgotten
[see his art @ the below source]



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