How to Manage Negative Thinking

Publication1FYHow to Manage Negative Thinking [psych central]
– Our thinking influences our attitude, decision-making, motivation & overall experience of life
– we all have negative thoughts, but problems arise when negative thoughts take over & we cannot see the silver-lining any more
– the first step in addressing this, is recognising/identifying when we are thinking negatively
– automatic negative thoughts (also known as cognitive Distortions) to be aware if include:
– always/never thinking (also everyone, every time, everything)
– focusing on the negative (almost exclusively)
– fortune-telling (worst case scenario)
– thinking with your feelings (I.e. never questioning them, believing they are always right)
– guilt beatings (should, must, ought, have to)
– labelling negatively (either yourself or others)
– personalising
– blaming (others for your own problems)

3 steps:
1. Identify the negative thought type(s)/pattern – being aware/self-aware
2. Write the thoughts down (you can really unpack your thoughts & assists re-framing (as well as provides a record of progress/achievement to further motivate change)
3. Challenge/re-frame the negative thoughts – ask yourself:
– what is the evidence for & against? That is, what are the facts?
– what are the alternative ways to think about this situation?
– what thoughts would help me feel better about this?
– what can I focus on to solve the problem(s) courtesy of National Psychology Week Facebook feed – Anger Diary | – Sleep Diary – relaxation diary | – positive diary – behavioural activation diary | – my CBT workbook – confidence boosters | – anger management guide


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