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Coping with stress [CCI]

– identify stressors – what is & is not beyond your control? How can you cope better from a personal perspective
– build regular exercise, relaxation/stress management into your daily regimen
– maintain diet & sleep (stress management practice can assist in re-setting this)
– time out for social relationships & for yourself (pleasurable activities & hobbies & self-care more generally)
– problem-solving to clarify the problem & brainstorm solutions/work-arounds
– continue to practice calming techniques
– assertiveness skills/communication in accord with your values (assertiveness means not being passive or aggressive, & although we might not always get the balance right, it makes us feel good in the process of trying)
– lastly consider if there is anything in our thinking style that may be negative/ultimately unhelpful to us in terms of increasing stress & generally not motivating us to take positive remedial action



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