How To Make Sense of School & Friends – RANKING YOUR PROBLEMS [Social Skills 3]

How To Make Sense of School & Friends – RANKING YOUR PROBLEMS [Social Skills 3]
– Now that you’ve learnt signs to recognise what you are feeling, you can begin thinking about strategies to deal with feelings that are uncomfortable or upsetting
– Firstly try ranking them – This may help you realise the problems that seem overwhelming in the moment, probably are not as serious as you first thought or felt.
– LEVEL ONE PROBLEM: really minor – e.g. A kid yelling – although annoying it will soon stop, & is therefore something not to get too upset about – kids changing rules to games is another – can you think of different things?
-LEVEL TWO PROBLEM: – a bit more major – e.g. A teacher yelling & saying do your work – it’s annoying, may make you upset, but it’s ok to manage
– LEVEL THREE PROBLEM: – This problem requires work to fix & may require thinking about a solution – e.g. Such as how to get picked in teams, and how to work with other people
– LEVEL FOUR PROBLEM: – This kind of problem is serious; it may involve getting hurt, injuring yourself, falling down – it’s fixable & fortunately not too many problems fall into this category
– LEVEL FIVE PROBLEM: – This type of problem affects a lot of people – such as a plane crash or a cyclone – again not many problems falling into this top level category

– From now on when you have a problem take a moment and think about what level number you would use – that us, what type of problem or level of problem is it?

[Just so you know – different people may use different numbers for problems – this may seem confusing, but it’s not really a big problem because different people think differently about different things]

Practice Task – Assign Levels to Problems
– a Friend calls telling you he can’t come over today _____
– Getting a bad test grade on schoolwork _______
– Not being selected for the team that you wanted to be part of ______
– Kids at school changing the rules of the game ______
– Water damage that ruins books and computers in your school _______
– a virus or disease that makes a lot of people sick _______

Source: Blythe Grossberg (American Psychological Association)


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