How To Make Sense of School & Friends – UNDERSTANDING HOW OTHER PEOPLE FEEL [Social Skills 2]

Publication1FW– it can be difficult to understand how other people feel, & it is often easier to start by asking yourself: “How would I feel in this situation?”
– other people are no different – They feel the same way you do in certain situations as a General rule of thumb
– People may also give you a clue about how they feel by their body language or how they hold themselves, and what they do with their bodies.

Here are some signs that someone may be angry, bored or upset:
– their face may be red
– They may look away from you
– They might be crying or gave tears in their eyes
– They may be hunched over or not standing straight
– Their arms may be crossed
– Their eyes may narrow
– They may be yelling, raising their voice or speaking quickly.

The next time someone gets upset – conduct an experiment & observe their body language

Practice Tasks:
– practice at home with mum & dad identifying emotions
– practice yourself several times during the day, by asking yourself:
– How do I feel right now?
– How does my body feel now?
– Why do I feel this way?
– Is there anything I can do to make myself feel better right now? (Tip: Try taking a deep breath or a short break
– when reading fiction books, practice identifying the emotions of the characters & why they feel the way they do? Ask yourself: “How would I feel in this situation?”

Journal or Diary
– practice keeping a journal where you can write down how you are feeling – do this several times a day (When you get up, When you’re at school, When you come home from school, When you go to bed)

– all this practice will improve your social skills & ability to judge how you & others feel in common situations

Source: Blythe Grossberg (American Psychological Association) – Anger Diary | – Sleep Diary – relaxation diary | – positive diary – behavioural activation diary | – my CBT workbook – confidence boosters | – anger management guide


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