How To Make Sense of School & Friends – HOW DO YOU FEEL? [Social Skills 1]

How To Make Sense of School & Friends


Your Feelings & Emotions Quiz – How Well Do You Understand What You Feel?
1. How do you recognise that you are feeling upset in class?
a) I do not realise I am upset until it’s too late.
b) I am sometimes a bit shaky or uncomfortable but I don’t do much about it.
c) I know how to take deep breaths or go for a walk if I feel i am getting angry or upset in class.

2. What makes you feel happy at school?
a) I am not sure what makes me feel happy.
b) i Feel happy sometimes but I’m not sure why.
c) I understand working in my area of interest (in mathematics, computers, arts, history or another area) makes me feel the happiest at school.

3. How do you calm down if you are upset in the classroom?
a) I am not sure how to calm down.
b) I try to calm down, but often, I get really upset.
c) I have worked on ways to calm down, such as taking deep breaths & imagining myself in a calm place.

4. What do you do when you are feeling overwhelmed?
a) I often say & do things I do not mean.
b) I try to concentrate on something else
c) I’ve arranged with my teacher to take a walk away from the other kids.

5. Do you understand what makes your friends happy?
a) I am not sure what makes my friends happy.
b) my friends are happy when I am happy.
c) I understand some if the games & activities that my friends like.

MOSTLY a ANSWERS: – you may need help recognising emotions of others; & when you are feeling stressed out how to handle such situations – read on in this post
MOSTLY b ANSWERS: – you understand some of what people, but it might be good to red this too to get some tips
MOSTLY c ANSWERS: – you understand What you feel and how to deal with the uncomfortable emotions everyone feels at times

Understanding what you feel:
– Some people use colours to describe how they feel
– Emotions are like the rainbow
– It’s normal to experience a range of emotions, And sometimes all in the same day

It’s helpful to understand how you feel – so put a label or even a colour on each of these emotions that we all feel regularly:
– Happy
– Calm
– Angry
– upset
– Confused
– Embarrassed
– Nervous or worried
– sad
– lonely

Sometimes it’s helpful to visualise or imagine your emotions as different temperatures on the thermometer with mercury inside
– when you are calm and happy you can think about the thermometer being at the bottom level
– But as you get angry or upset, the level of the thermometer rises

Some emotions we know well – For example how do the following situations make you feel?
– Getting a new present that you really want
– Seeing a good friend
– Petting a friendly dog
– Learning about something that interests you

These situations above make you feel good – what are some other situations that make you feel happy?

How do these situations make you feel?
– Being unsure about what to do in class
– Not being able to find your friends at lunch
– Hearing someone say something mean about you

These are usually situations that involve feeling lonely, sad, confused or hurt – they make you feel especially bad if your day is already not going well or you are feeling unsure of yourself.

What are some other situations that make you feel sad?
What are some situations that make you feel angry?
Are there situations that make you feel two things at once – such as sad and angry?

– If you’re not sure what your motions are telling you, or why you are feeling the way you do, your body will give you some clues 🙂

Here are some signals from your body when you are feeling good:
– Your muscles feel relaxed
– Your breathing is calm & easy
– You’re not too hot or too cold
– You do not feel hungry or thirsty
– You feel well-rested
– You’re not sweaty unless there is a good reason to be sweet (such as the heat outside)

How does your body tell you that you are happy?

There are some signals from your body that you’re feeling bad:
– Tight muscles
– Headache
– Stomach ache
– Rapid breathing
– Feeling faint & a little lightheaded
– Feeling sweaty
– Feeling cold or hot
– Feeling like you’re about to lose control
– Clenching your fists

How does your body tell you that you are upset?

Source: Blythe Grossberg (American Psychological Association)


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