– depression is more than a low mood (for a few weeks/ many people can have for years) – we can all experience this from time to time
– impacts physical & mental health
– affects how people feel about themselves
– lose interest in things once enjoyed – work, family, friends, interests, hobbies
– lack energy
– more or less sleep – sleep disruption
– irritable/hard to concentrate
Other symptoms – behaviour
– Not going out anymore
– not Getting things done at work/school or home
– withdrawing from close family & friends
– relying on alcohol/sedatives
– not doing enjoyable activities anymore
– unable to concentrate
Other symptoms – emotions/feelings
– overwhelmed
– guilty
– irritable
– frustrated
– lacking in confidence
– unhappy
– indecisive
– disappointed
– miserable
– sad
Other symptoms – thoughts
– “I’m a failure”
– “It’s my fault”
– “Nothing good ever happens to me”
– “I’m worthless”
– “Life’s not worth living”
– “People would be better off without me”
Other symptoms – physical
– tired all the time
– sick &’rundown
– headaches & muscle pains
– churning gut
– sleep problems
– loss or change in appetite
– loss or gain in weight

Source: Beyond Blue
[note: to have Depression has a time requirement in DSM-V; not all symptoms described above need to be met]


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