How do you know if you have clinical depression?

How do you know if you have clinical depression?
[if you have experienced many of the following symptoms much of the day, nearly every day over the past 2weeks or more]
– feeling sad/in low mood
– reduced interest in daily activities/ loss of pleasure in things
– a significant change in appetite or weight (up or down)
– trouble sleeping, or sleeping too much
– feelings of constant fatigue & low energy
– changes in your energy level – either restlessness or agitation, or being slowed down in your movements or thinking
– being disturbed by feelings of worthlessness or guilt
– trouble concentrating or making decisions
– Thinking a lot about death, or thoughts about suicide.
[other people may notice: irritability; loss of confidence & self-esteem; reduced interest in sexual activity; lose sense of humour; lose interest in other people/relationships; worry more; cry more; constipation; menstrual dysregulation; affect change – looking sad; appears agitated; appears to be slow]
[other symptoms can include: headaches, abdominal pain; tiredness, aches/pains – the body’s way of signalling it is not well][often why people report to the GP]


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