BUILDING RAPPORT WITH CLIENTS – Beck institute for CBT – broadcast date: 23 October 2014


– find something that you have in common with the patient (rather than saying, as he had, that he had read a depressed patient’s published works – such was the patient’s negative bias – as a result of the depression – that he did not believe Dr Beck) & which is important to the patient
– may involve some incidental self-disclosure by the therapist about their own interests; travels; likes; cooking etc., (without going into excessive detail)
– Beck talks about he was firstly a psychoanalyst & that he had been brought up/trained to believe that the therapist was a tabula rasa or blank screen, but that he has since learned that you need to bond with people to establish the therapeutic alliance & to make therapy such as CBT more effective (to connect on a human level)
– dr Beck’s daughter, dr Judith Beck stated that she answers questions about herself directly such as married; no. Of children etc., while noting she monitors boundary issues if/when a patient seems more interested in her than working on his/her problems – Anger Diary | – Sleep Diary – relaxation diary | – positive diary – behavioural activation diary | – my CBT workbook – confidence boosters | – anger management guide


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