making mistakes [NPR TED] Rebroadcast date: 22 August 2014 – would recommend

Publication1FBHere is my summary – enjoy!

– Brian Goldman is a Canadian dr who, as a medical student (A level student) was so dedicated that others jokingly said: “he would study for a blood test”
– lots of students/Drs think they never make mistakes
– Drs hate making mistakes & hate talking about them
– “White coat, Black art” – radio show in USA about this subject
– in this talk he talks about his experience as an intern/resident & making a medical mistake in an emergency room which involved sending a patient home prematurely & who subsequently died
– he talks about words no emergency physician wishes to hear from an emergency nurse: “Do you remember?”
– took him decades to talk about the mistakes
– mentions that mistakes continue to occur (despite best effort)
– systems where errors occur everyday (1 in 10 medication errors)
– talks about medical culture & need to talk about mistakes
– human beings run the system

Another very popular talk by Renae Brown:
shame: the fear of disconnection (something about me: I’m not good enough – to enable connection, we must enable ourselves to be really seen – to be vulnerable; we numb vulnerability & when we numb this, we also numb gratitude/joy/happiness – vulnerability is not weakness (a dangerous myth); rather it is the courage to live, to live by your values – coming though in times of deep fear/uncertainty)

Myths of vulnerability:
– letting it all hang out is too much
– rather real vulnerability is a genuine, authentic bid for connection & understanding by others (it takes intimacy, trust & connection – all have risks)

Vulnerability is courage & is the birthplace of innovation, creativity & change because it takes risk [can be applied in many facets of life – relationships as well as work which is part of the innovation/reflective practice process]

– if you’re going to go into the arena, you’re going to get your butt kicked – better to try than go down without trying

– stand outside the arena
– can never get perfect & bullet-proof waiting on the outside

Another talk:
– About organisations “not thinking”
– reason: do not wish for conflict; culture of blame, of burying mistakes
– mistakes which are covered up stifle learning
– children are taught that intelligence is about not making mistakes – therefore they learn to second-guess which continues into the workplace ‘ giving the answer you think the boss wants to hear
– where there is conflict & it turns out I m wrong, then I have learned something – Anger Diary | – Sleep Diary – relaxation diary | – positive diary – behavioural activation diary | – my CBT workbook – confidence boosters | – anger management guide


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