Foetal origins research – when does learning begin?

Listening to a fascinating podcast about this research – intuitively it seems right to me & could further complement attachment theory & interventions:

When does learning begin?
– actually before we are born
– “foetal origins” theory & research
– learning in the womb
– sound of mother’s voice (newborns prefers mother voice – study rubber nipple & suck – prefer mother’s voice to other woman’s)
– cry in a different accent/inflection (cries to sound like mother’s language to endear it to the mother for care)
– foetus: taste buds are developed & olfactory (transferred by the amniotic fluid which
– foetuses are being taught about culture (through food); stress & mental state can also be communicated in utero.

Source: Unstoppable Learning [TED]; Rebroadcast date: 29 Aug 14


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