anxiety – 24 Things only anxious people will understand [Headspace]

1. You have a constant feeling of unease (you literally never feel completely at ease)
2. Your anxiety actually causes physical discomfort & pain (anxiety has both cognitive/mental effects as well as physiological/physical effects as if you have the sensation of being uncomfortable in your own skin)
3. These physical sensations can actually manifest themselves into a full-blown panic attack (as a result if anxiety)
4. Your mind is constantly racing (millions of thoughts; never slowing down – also known as rumination)
5. You are always second-guessing yourself
6. You question yourself/everything (you worry about everything & what it all means)
7. You have zero ability to switch off (your brain is always going, over-analysing & over-thinking everything)
8. Feel like watching a funny movie? (No – you would rather think about everything)
9. Want to catch up on sleep? (No – this is your brain’s prime time to annoy you)
10. Want to have an interesting conversation with a friend? (No – your brain would prefer to show you something that embarrassed you 10 years before)
11. You get anxiety about anxiety. (Anything could be a trigger so you spend your whole life on high alert, vigilant for danger and/or the signs of anxiety)
12. You are never really “In the moment” (Instead you’re stressing about things that happened in the past or you believe will happen in the future)
13. Trying to make a decision is excruciatingly painful (what if I make the wrong one?)
14. Even when you make a decision, you worry that you may have made the wrong decision.
15. It takes forever for you to do anything because you are always lost in your own head and your own thoughts (This may include triple checking that the door is locked or the dog is fed)
16. You’re exhausted – all the time (physically, mentally, emotionally)
17. You find yourself in the bizarre situation of not being able to trust your own brain (is it tue, or is my anxiety talking?)
18. Then you are faced with difficult proposition of trying to combat your anxiety with the very thing that is causing the anxiety (your brain)
19. Well-meaning people try to make it better but usually make it worse for you (just being told there is no need to worry does not make it so – in fact you already know that)
20. People who don’t mean well make it a whole lot worse (No, I am not self-centred, lazy or stupid, I just have crippling anxiety)
21. You really worry about being a burden on the ones you love (you can barely stand yourself, so how can they stand you? That’s your brain being impacted by the effects of anxiety again)
22. You want nothing more than to stop worrying, but you just can’t. (Is there an off-switch for this thing?)
23. You know there are things you could do to help with your anxiety, but you are worried about trying them (Meditation – my brain will be too loud; exercise – everyone will be watching & judging me)
24. Finally there’s the relief of knowing that there is someone you can talk to who will understand you & not judge you
Source: Headspace Facebook broadcast/post: 14 October 2014 at 10:47 am


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