always move towards your fear – find a way, never move away | Mark Taylor | Canberra Psychologist

Mark Taylor | Canberra Psychologist | Procrastination; delay/avoid doing things; move away from our goals & obligations – sound familiar? Somehow we find a way of justifying these actions, further perpetuating what can become a vicious cycle. The problem is avoidance of stress & emotional pain/distress makes the stress/discomfort last longer & sets up the right conditions for such strategies to spread to other areas of your life. Whereas engagement – not avoidance – meets the challenge & proves to you that this pain/discomfort is temporary & “will pass”. Engaging with fear is the best approach in life.


Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy – REBT’s formula is:
1. Name the event & emotion it causes/triggers
2. Identify the rational and irrational beliefs associated with that emotion
3. Dispute the irrational beliefs & acknowledge and accept the rational beliefs
4. Develop a rational statement with a functional belief to engage with the problem
5. Use your new belief To follow through and endure the temporary discomfort
6. Reflect on what you have learned from confronting your fear
7. Reward yourself for following through, regardless of outcome (effort is what is important here). You made the effort; you deserve to praise yourself.


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