CBT MODEL & anxiety | Mark Taylor | Canberra Psychologist

Mark Taylor | Canberra Psychologist | CBT MODEL
– triad of thoughts, feelings/emotions, behaviours
– [how you feel depends on what you think]
– sometimes thoughts/feelings are automatic [habituated or conditioned response – has a reinforcing effect] – our mind is a thought-generating machine
– we talk about NATs
– awareness allows us to challenge and choose
– note: events just are – they occur all the time in life – SKILLS LET YOU GAIN CONTROL & CHOOSE WHAT YOU THINK & FEEL… & HIW YOU BEHAVE
– thoughts come first & sometimes thoughts can be correct / incorrect [realistic/unrealistic]
– thoughts cause feelings & behaviour
– detective thinking:
– Cognitive Distortions – over-estimate the likelihood of something bad happening; over-estimate the negative consequences if a negative thing does happen
– we either make “thinking mistakes” or have “realistic thoughts”
– TO CONTROL WORRIES, we need to appraise whether we are making “thinking mistakes” or not.
– to do this we need EVIDENCE – to see if there is support for our thoughts
– [this ultimately also leads to behavioural experiments to further test our assumptions]


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