Attachment & parenting & parental emotional regulation | Mark Taylor | Canberra Psychologist

Publication1XMark Taylor | Canberra Psychologist | Helping parents to:
1 – recognise their importance as a secure base [need to have faith in yourself; recognise in yourself yourcontinuedimportance as a parent][help parents ask where the teen is on the circle – sometimes more than just one answer – parents can guess/hypothesise about the needs of the adolescent [not feeling in control doesn’t imply helplessness]
2 – understand & recognise adolescent’s secure base needs [they are less obvious in expressing their needs] – parents need patience (emotional & behavioural) & to watch for feelings of wishing to withdraw or react (helplessly, or in a hostile fashion – parental incompetence) ( connection)[parents must be present][honouring master for its own sake rather than using it or comparison]
3 – increase cognitive, emotional, & behavioural capacities (parental reflection about when they are feeling scared/overwhelmed; their own emotional regulation skills to calm themselves / cope effectively) for serving as a secure base
Source: PROVIDING ADOLESCENTS WITH A SECURE BASE: AN ATTACHMENT PERSPECTIVE [Dr Jude Cassidy, University of Maryland, 30 October 2013, NCC]


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