Mark Taylor | Canberra Psychologist | Anxiety therapy: Signs of success

Publication1DYMark Taylor | Canberra Psychologist
Signs of success is when the child begins becoming upset at home (sign things are being tackled) – Known in psychology as the “extinction burst” – worsening of the behaviour before it stops and goes extinct.

Remember: Help guide the child to the answer – don’t give them to her/ him & of course keep practising at home what is learned in session.

Source: Anxiety – you & your anxious child [Albano] New York: penguin [2013]

Also… Reward coping behaviour through small acts:
– Smiling at him/ her
– Tell him/her what you like about what he’s doing
– Give a pat on the shoulder or back
– engage him/ her in a conversation
– Later in the day, tell him/her that you noticed he was coping so well – Anger Diary | – Sleep Diary – relaxation diary | – positive diary – behavioural activation diary | – my CBT workbook – confidence boosters | – anger management guide


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