you know I hate to ask, but… is narcissism/self-esteem necessary to succeed in life?

There is a perception in Western culture that self-esteem is important, but studies show doing well in life is all about coming from a good, stable family background.
– lowest self-esteem is in the Asian-American community if the US, & yet they do best in academic attainment – perhaps this is because they place greater emphasis on achievement & self-improvement.
– this belies that self-esteem is necessary for good performance

researcher: not true- research shows that better leaders are not narcissists; more likely to succeed if you are realistic & do not take too many risks
– so what can parents can do:
– don’t say you are special, just say “I love you”
– don’t emphasise standing out/feeling good (but self-efficacy, working/ practicing/ encourage children for effort)

Source: The Narcissism Epidemic [All In the Mind, ABC Radio National edition]
Broadcast date: 18 May 2014


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