Anxiety [Psychology Today]

What is anxiety?
– normal reaction
– but, when a problem it is excessive & leads to avoidance, withdrawal, other behaviours to manage the anxiety

3 HABITS THAT HELP [article]
1. Ask instead of interpreting or assuming
– how or what questions rather than “can you, are you, did you questions”
which get yes/no answers & take power away from the child to problem-solve
– information is power (for you and the child)
– Knowing definitely is better than speculating [in the case of self-treating]
– Communication in a relationship is vital
2. Confront & address anxiety-producing thoughts head-on
– Avoidance exacerbates anxiety
– Make lists, Then address
3. Push thoughts of the future into the future & instead focus on the present
– What if thoughts generate fears/problems without problem-solving to work out solutions


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