Bullying & Cyber-bullying

– it can happen to anyone
– people who are bullied often feel powerless & alone
– impacts can last longer than the bullying incident itself
– the experience of bullying can increase the person’s chances of developing depression &/or anxiety
Behaviour that is:
– meant to be hurtful
– targets one person (sometimes a group)
– happens more than once
– embarrasses you, intimidates you, threatens you
– can happen in sight or online
– bullies don’t always work alone (in such cases the impact is often greater)

– ask them to stop
– tell them you do not like the behaviour
– ask them to delete any online images, posts or chats
– walk away/ignore
– hang out with people you trust & where you know it is safe
– don’t respond (includes cyber attacks) – can aggravate
– turn off mobiles/go offline so they do not have your attention (unfriend/block/change privacy settings)
– talk to someone
– friends, parents, trusted adults, counsellor, teacher, colleagues
– seek advice
– go to Lawstuff.org.au to know your rights/what you can do legally (if necessary)
– keep a diary (everything said & what you have tried)
– keep mobile messages/online posts
– report the abuse
– to the social media site
– to your friends (access your allies) – get them to complain too if necessary
– threats (adult) – go to the police
– focus on looking after yourself
– think about your own strengths & future plans
– focus on positive thoughts & distract yourself from negatives
– keep physically healthy (diet & exercise)
– spend time with people you like
– do things you enjoy
– install a cyber-safety (see Beyond Blue or go to Google & install)

source: [Beyond Blue]http://www.youthbeyondblue.com/understand-what’s-going-on/bullying-and-cyberbullying

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