A map for therapy


Individualised case conceptualisation (Use a graphical representation)
– Events (Such as changing jobs)
– Mood (Feeling sad or depressed, stressed, overwhelmed)
– Thoughts (Worrying more than usual; thinking you are a failure)
– Physical reactions (Feeling tense, exhausted, headaches, Not getting enough sleep)
– Actions (Spending more time alone, Not exercising, Missing work)
– Communication with others (Arguing with partner; Losing touch with friends)
[A map for therapy]

Source:  http://www.clinicalpsychiatrynews.com/home/article/using-cbt-effectively-for-treating-depression-and-anxiety/88e5d79c9b4d2919a995070d7dd43bf8.html?tx_ttnews%5BsViewPointer%5D=1

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