Bullying – Upstanders not Bystanders

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Defeating the culture of bullying
– the common denominator of bullying is a lack, or erosion, of Empathy
– nurturing empathy, a potential that is present in almost all children, Is at the heart of school interventions to prevent/stop bullying
– impacts on families of those who are bullied
– kids who are bullied are often wrongly blamed
– educators can struggle to do the right thing, let alone something effective
[school, too, need to promote “upstanders” not “bystanders”
– kindness needs to be acknowledged as much as athletic & academic achievement
– schools need to:
– listen with empathy (a child’s feelings are important, as are those of others)
– children (& parents) need to know their grievances/concerns will be heard, acknowledged & taken seriously
– children need to learn the importance of solving problems though dialogue, compromise, respect & problem-solving
– role models: practice empathy & forgiveness



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