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The most important part of my job is to really listen & empathise. Anyone can struggle with their mental health, at any time, throughout their life. The fact that I am able to help people is really rewarding. And it’s wonderful to hear the success stories.

1200x250_cloudsHello my name is Mark Taylor, I am a clinically trained psychologist (clinical psychology registrar) working in private practice.

Reaching out and starting a conversation is the first step on the path to recovery. It’s common to feel unsure about how to talk about, let alone manage, your anxiety or depression by yourself. In fact, there are times when our problems seem too big to sort out on our own. & it’s important to remember it’s ok to not be ok. If you’re feeling like this, the best thing you can do is reach out.

As I say, I am a psychologist skilled in mindfulness-based cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) and Acceptance & Commitment Therapy. I am Rogerian in my therapeutic approach, & I am genuine, sensitive & honest with my clients. I show empathy – that is I use my ability to feel what my client feels – and I at all times demonstrate respect by showing acceptance, and unconditional positive regard towards my clients. In addition, I conduct evidence-based individual therapy (as well as cognitive and behavioural psychological assessments) with children, adolescents & adults in areas including, anxiety, depression, sleep problems, anger management, learning difficulties, and bullying amongst others.

I am registered as a Medicare provider, and in relation to veterans, “DVA Health Cards (Gold and White), are accepted as payment upon a GP referral”. I also work with NDIS clients who are managing their own care plans. I am also very happy to report that I am now registered with the Black Dog Institute’s Mood Assessment Program (MAP). The beauty of MAPS is that it will help patients, when working with me, to determine what kind of depression you suffer from and what kind of treatment would be most appropriate for you. The online MAP is free and completely confidential. I look forward to being of service should you or someone you know or love require it.

I also use e-programmes too, so that you can maximise gains between sessions. For example I am registered with St Vincent Hospital’s This Way Up programme, and can “prescribe” courses for you.

I also support Australian Public Servants, & other workers, undergoing difficult circumstances in the workplace. & since January 2015, I have been registered with Beyond Blue for the treatment of depression & anxiety.image Other ways I can help you as a Psychologist, include:

– increase your motivation to change;
– goal setting & attainment of your goals;
– cope with medical conditions;
– recovery from mental disorders;
– reduce stress, including workplace stress;
– increase wellness & life satisfaction;
– improve your relationships; &
– increase your self-esteem & confidence.

I also conduct cognitive & behavioural assessments. You can contact me at: 

  • 0467 087 300

Here is also a link to a Guide I have produced and made available regarding Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. The cost is $9.95 AUD & you will need a Paypal account to obtain @  As Judith Beck says, the aim of CBT is for a person is to adopt a more questioning mindset – ie a more functional idea to replace a less functional idea that the client has. This is achieved through using the Socratic method – a questioning mindset

I have also produced this popular Anger Management Guide which is also available exclusively here (using the peace of mind of PayPal) for $19.95 –

Here is my Yellow pages listing –

I am located at Belconnen Town center in Canberra. Now at Unit 1/11 McKay Lane TURNER ACT 2612.  I am also now on Facebook @

Mark Taylor Psychology remains free & takes me many hours a month to research & write, as well as a considerable financial investment to maintain & sustain given the hundreds upon hundreds of posts made to date about all things psychology.

If you find anything of interest or value in what I do here at Mark Taylor Psychology, please consider making a donation when you can in whatever amount you can afford.

Contribution Certificates can be received using Paypal, for a contribution of:
– $5 @
– $10 @
– $15 @
– $20 @
– $25 @
– $50 @
– $100 @
[all amounts are in Australian Dollars]

Thank you for your interest in, & contribution to, Mark Taylor Psychology

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